Electric Beach Cruiser Bike: Top Picks for 2024

Electric bikes have gained popularity in recent years, offering a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation that combines the benefits of a traditional bicycle with the assistance of an electric motor.

Beach cruiser bikes, in particular, provide a comfortable and stylish ride, perfect for leisurely rides along beachfront paths and boardwalks. The electric beach cruiser bike takes this experience to a whole new level, adding a motor to give riders that extra boost when needed.

Beach cruiser bikes are designed with comfort and style in mind, featuring wide tires, a relaxed frame geometry, and a comfortable seating position.

The addition of an electric motor further enhances the riding experience, allowing riders to travel longer distances or tackle challenging hills with ease. As popularity continues to grow, there is a wide range of electric beach cruiser bikes available on the market, each offering unique features and capabilities.

When considering the purchase of an electric beach cruiser bike, it’s essential to pay attention to several factors. These include the motor’s power, the battery life, the bike’s weight, and the ease of use. Additionally, assessing the quality of components such as brakes, tires, and suspension is crucial to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Knowing what to look for in an electric beach cruiser can greatly impact your overall satisfaction with your purchase.

We have dedicated our efforts to researching and testing various models to help you find the perfect electric beach cruiser bike that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Best Electric Beach Cruiser Bikes

We have compiled a list of the finest electric beach cruiser bikes that cater to your cycling needs and enhance your outdoor experiences. Explore our top picks to discover the perfect electric beach cruiser for you.

Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bike

This Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle is excellent for those looking for a comfortable and powerful ride combined with a stylish design.


  • Comfortable, upright riding with front shock and seat post shock
  • Powerful 750W motor with a top speed of 28mph
  • Removable 48V16Ah anti-theft Lithium battery


  • Slightly heavy, weighing 67 pounds
  • A narrow step-through frame might be challenging for tall riders
  • Price could be high for budget-conscious buyers

We have found the Soumye Beach Cruiser to be a perfect blend of luxury, power, and speed, making it a joy to ride along the coastline or in the city. The extra-large frame with its upright riding experience and front shock combined with the seat post shock and gel seat provides an ultra-comfortable feel during long rides.

This electric bike comes with a large capacity removable 48V16Ah Lithium battery and a 750W rear-drive motor. With the intelligent M5 LCD display, you can effortlessly monitor various aspects of the bike like speed, voltage, battery life, temperature, trip distance, and more.

The bike comes with four working modes – walk, throttle, pedal-assist, and regular bicycle mode, making it adaptable to different riding conditions.

Built with a one-piece step-over high-quality aluminum alloy frame, an enhanced shock front fork, and a sturdy luggage rack, this bike can withstand up to 325 pounds. The 26″ x 4.0″ fat tires ensure stability and smooth rides on various terrains, including sandy beaches and snowy trails.

Additionally, safety features such as the Shimano 7S drivetrain for precise shifting, LED integrated headlight, and rear light, as well as the braking power shutdown system with 180mm double disc brakes, ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

The Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a comfortable, powerful, and stylish electric bike.

The combination of performance, luxury features, and safety makes it a solid investment for those who want to get the most out of their electric biking experience.

Hurley Kickflip Beach Cruiser E-Bike

Hurley Kickflip Beach Cruiser E-Bike

The Hurley Kickflip Beach Cruiser E-Bike offers a fun and relaxing ride with some added power, making it ideal for beach cruising and recreational riding.


  • Comfortable and laid-back beach cruiser design
  • 250-watt motor with ride assist and throttle mode
  • Easy step-over frame and wide tires for stable riding


  • The maximum 20-mile range may be limiting for some
  • Single-speed drivetrain limits versatility
  • May require fine-tuning during the initial assembly

We recently got our hands on the Hurley Kickflip Beach Cruiser E-Bike and took it out for a spin. The beach cruiser design provides a comfortable and relaxed ride, perfect for cruising down the boardwalk or hauling gear to your favorite surf spot.

With a 250-watt motor offering both ride assist and throttle modes, getting from point A to point B is practically effortless.

The step-over frame and wide tires contribute to a stable ride that both beginners and experienced riders can appreciate. The wide cruiser tires help smooth out any bumps, and the comfortable saddle ensures you can enjoy longer rides without discomfort.

The single-speed drivetrain keeps things simple but also limits the versatility for those looking to tackle diverse terrains.

Assembling the bike was relatively straightforward, taking us around 1-2 hours with all the tools provided in the box. However, we did have to perform some fine-tuning to ensure everything was properly adjusted and safe for our first ride.

With a maximum range of 20 miles and a top speed of 20 mph, the Hurley E-Bike is great for local use, but might not be sufficient for those looking to cover longer distances.

The Hurley Kickflip Beach Cruiser E-Bike is a great option for anyone seeking a fun and relaxed electric bike experience.

The bike’s features and performance, combined with its stylish design, make it an enjoyable and practical choice for riders looking to explore the beach or their neighborhood with ease.

Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle

A stylish and comfortable electric beach cruiser that makes coastal rides a breeze while offering excellent performance and features.


  • Comfortable and laid-back riding position
  • High-quality frame and components
  • Versatile working modes and good range


  • May need adjustments to the brakes
  • Currently at a higher price point
  • Discrepancies in battery life

We recently took the Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle for a spin and were instantly impressed by its relaxed and laid-back riding position. Inspired by those long rides up and down the coast, this electric beach cruiser offers a comfortable experience, making our trip enjoyable and stress-free.

The one-piece high-quality step-thru aluminum alloy frame with an enhanced shock front fork makes the Soumye Beach Cruiser sturdy and reliable.

A large capacity 48V12Ah removable anti-theft Lithium battery ensures you have enough power for your leisurely rides or long trips, and the 48V500 Watt rear-drive motor provides excellent performance. With the intelligent M5 LCD display, we can easily track our speed, battery life, and other essential details.

Another noteworthy aspect of the Soumye Beach Cruiser is its four working modes – walk mode, throttle mode, pedal-assisted mode, and regular bicycle mode – offering versatility in how you choose to ride.

We particularly enjoyed the pedal-assisted mode, allowing us to engage in some exercise and enjoy the bike’s power assist at various levels.

However, we did find that the brakes needed adjustments for optimal performance, and there were discrepancies in battery life during our test rides. Additionally, the current price is on the higher side, but given its features and comfort, it could be worth the investment for those looking for a stylish and practical electric beach cruiser.

The Soumye Beach Cruiser Electric Bicycle delivers a fantastic riding experience along with great performance and features.

It is an excellent option for those who love leisurely coastal rides and want both style and comfort in their electric bicycles.

PEXMOR Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

PEXMOR Electric Bike

The PEXMOR Electric Beach Cruiser is a great option for those looking to commute in style and comfort.


  • Long-lasting battery with 3 riding modes
  • Powerful motor and efficient shock absorption
  • 6-speed gears and efficient dual disc brakes


  • Slightly heavy design
  • Limited color options
  • Could use more precise assembly instructions

We recently tried out the PEXMOR Electric Beach Cruiser and were impressed by its performance and features. With a 350W high-speed brushless motor, we easily tackled hills and reached a top speed of 15.5 MPH.

The 36V 12.5AH removable lithium battery kept us going for a full day of riding, and the 3 riding modes (ordinary bicycle, PAS mode, and electric mode) allowed us to customize our experience based on our needs.

The bike’s carbon steel frame is both durable and attractive, though it does add some weight to the overall design. With 6-speed gears, we found it easy to adjust our speed for various terrain types, and the dual disc brakes provided reliable stopping power.

Additionally, the front fork suspension effectively absorbed shocks as we cycled over uneven surfaces, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

On the downside, the assembly instructions could have more clearer, and we would have liked a few more color options to choose from. However, these minor drawbacks did not significantly impact our positive experience with the PEXMOR Electric Beach Cruiser.

If you’re in the market for an electric beach cruiser bike, we highly recommend the PEXMOR Electric Beach Cruiser for its performance, features, and overall quality.

It’s well-suited for both daily commuting and leisurely rides along the beach or through the city.

Vivi Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

Vivi Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

The Vivi Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is an excellent choice for a comfortable and efficient ride on city streets and beach trips.


  • Powerful 48V 500W motor
  • Removable battery with a good range
  • Durable and comfortable build


  • Might require adjustments to the brakes
  • Handle grips may be challenging to install
  • Potential for customer service issues

We found the Vivi Electric Beach Cruiser Bike to be an impressive addition to our collection due to its powerful 48V 500W motor, which provided enough power for daily outings and excursions along the beach.

The bike’s top speed of 20 mph allowed us to reach our destinations faster while enjoying the comfortable and stylish design.

The bike’s removable 48V 374.4Wh battery offers an impressive range of 22-25 miles in full electric mode and 44-50 miles in pedal assist mode (PAS mode), making this e-bike suitable for both short and long rides. We appreciated the option to charge the battery on the bike or off, providing added convenience when recharging.

We were pleased with the bike’s durable carbon steel frame and double-layer aluminum alloy wheels, ensuring a long-lasting product. The low step-through frame made it easy to mount and dismount, while the wide swept-back handlebars ensured a comfortable and natural riding position.

However, we came across a few minor drawbacks with the Vivi Electric Beach Cruiser Bike. We had to adjust the brakes to improve stopping power and found the handle grips challenging to install. Additionally, there have been some reports of customer service issues, but this does not detract from the overall quality of the bike.

The Vivi Electric Beach Cruiser Bike is a reliable and enjoyable option for those looking to purchase an electric bike with a comfortable ride and efficient performance.

Electric Beach Cruiser Bike Buying Guide

When looking to purchase an electric beach cruiser bike, there are several factors to consider to make an informed decision. In this guide, we will discuss the key features and factors to evaluate when choosing the best electric beach cruiser for your needs.

One important feature to consider is the motor power. Electric bike motors are typically measured in watts, and a higher wattage generally translates to more power. For a beach cruiser, a motor with power between 250W and 750W should be adequate, depending on your needs and the terrain you expect to ride on.

Battery capacity and range are crucial factors, as they determine how far you can travel on a single charge. Look for bikes with larger batteries that allow for extended riding distances. Additionally, consider the charging time, which can vary between 3 to 8 hours depending on the battery type and manufacturer.

When it comes to the frame, a durable and lightweight material is vital. Aluminum alloy is a common choice because it offers both strength and weight savings. Other options include steel and carbon fiber, each with its pros and cons.

Comfort and fit are essential factors when choosing an electric beach cruiser bike. Ensure that the seat is adjustable and comfortable, and the handlebars can be positioned to fit your preferred riding stance. Additionally, test-ride the bike to make sure it feels stable and suits your body proportions.

Lastly, consider additional features and accessories, such as:

  • Gears and drivetrain: Beach cruisers often have fewer gears, but for those who want a versatile bike, a multiple-speed bike could be a better choice.
  • Brakes: Reliable stopping power is essential. Options include mechanical disc brakes, hydraulic disc brakes, or traditional rim brakes.
  • Lights and reflectors: These increase visibility and safety, particularly when riding in low-light conditions.
  • Fenders and racks: Useful for protecting the rider from water and debris or carrying bags and other items on the bike.

By taking these factors into account, we can confidently find the right electric beach cruiser bike that meets our needs and preferences. Happy riding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best electric beach cruiser on the market?

There are many great electric beach cruisers available, and the best one for you depends on your personal preferences, budget, and specific needs.

Some popular options include the Pedego Interceptor, the RadRover Electric Fat Bike, and the Electra Townie Go! 8i. We recommend researching and trying out different models to find the one that suits you best.

How do you convert a beach cruiser into an electric bike?

To convert your beach cruiser into an electric bike, you can purchase an electric bike conversion kit. These kits typically include a motor, battery, controller, and other necessary components. First, you’ll need to remove your bike’s rear wheel and replace it with the motorized wheel provided in the conversion kit.

Next, attach the battery and controller to your bike’s frame, following the instructions included in the kit. Once everything is installed, connect the necessary wires and components, and your electric beach cruiser is ready to go.

Are there electric beach cruisers for both men and women?

Yes, there are electric beach cruisers designed specifically for both men and women. Many companies offer unisex models too, which can accommodate riders of any gender. When choosing an electric beach cruiser, consider factors like frame size, comfort, style, and color to find the best option for your needs.

What are the benefits of fat tire electric beach cruisers?

Fat tire electric beach cruisers offer several advantages. These bikes provide better traction and stability on sand, gravel, and other loose, uneven surfaces due to their wider and more voluminous tires.

Additionally, fat tire e-bikes can absorb more shocks and vibrations, resulting in a more comfortable ride. The electric motor assists you in tackling hills and difficult terrains, making it easier to explore and enjoy your surroundings.

What’s the difference between a cruiser and a touring e-bike?

A cruiser e-bike is designed primarily for casual, comfortable rides, often featuring upright sitting positions and wide, cushioned saddles. They are perfect for leisurely rides along the beach or short commutes around town.

On the other hand, a touring e-bike is designed for long-distance cycling, with a more durable frame, larger battery capacity, and additional features like pannier racks and fenders for increased utility and comfort during extended trips.

How does a commuter e-bike differ from a cruiser e-bike?

A commuter e-bike is designed for daily use, with a primary focus on transportation and utility. These bikes often have practical features like integrated lights, fenders, and racks for carrying bags or other items.

They may also have a more aggressive riding position and faster overall performance compared to a cruiser e-bike. In contrast, a cruiser e-bike emphasizes comfort and leisurely rides, with features like wide seats and upright handlebars for a laid-back riding experience.

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