Electric Bikes with Removable Battery: A Buyer’s Guide for Portable Power Options

Electric bikes are transforming the way we commute, combining the health benefits of cycling with the convenience of powered assistance.

With innovations in battery technology, electric bikes offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles, particularly in urban environments where distances are manageable yet traffic is dense.

Among the variety of e-bikes available, models with removable batteries have gained popularity due to their flexible charging options and ease of battery replacement.

Removable batteries enable riders to charge their e-bike’s power source without needing a dedicated parking spot near an electrical outlet.

This feature is especially beneficial for those living in apartments or areas where outdoor charging is impractical. By simply removing the battery and taking it indoors, one can charge it overnight and be ready for the next day’s travel.

Furthermore, having the choice to carry a spare battery extends the distance one can cover, making longer commutes and leisurely rides more accessible.

When considering purchasing an electric bike with a removable battery, it’s essential to look at battery capacity, measured in watt-hours (Wh), as it directly correlates to the bike’s range.

Additionally, the motor’s wattage should also be considered, as it affects the bike’s ability to tackle steep inclines and reach higher speeds.

Durability, weight, and the quality of the bike’s components are equally critical, as they influence the overall riding experience and maintenance costs.

Choosing the right electric bike with a removable battery can enhance your daily transportation and recreational activities significantly.

We have analyzed various models to help you find an e-bike that aligns with your lifestyle needs and preferences, focusing on those that promise a harmonious blend of reliability, convenience, and performance.

Top Electric Bikes with Removable Batteries

Our quest for the best electric bikes with removable batteries has yielded a carefully curated selection suitable for a range of preferences and needs.

Removable batteries provide convenience and flexibility for charging, enhance security, and extend the range of your ride. Each bike on our list has been evaluated for its quality, performance, and user-friendly features to ensure you find a reliable partner for your eco-friendly commute or leisure rides.

EUY Folding E-Bike

EUY Electric Bike

We found the EUY Folding Electric Bike to be a robust companion for urban commuting and off-road adventures alike, thanks to its versatile design and powerful motor.


  • Incredible flexibility with a 750W motor and top speeds upwards of 28mph, making it ideal for both city commutes and recreational riding.
  • Highly appreciated the convenience of the removable, waterproof battery; it’s simple to charge at home or in the office.
  • Comfort is paramount with the adjustable handlebar and an extra-wide saddle, which we found significantly improves the riding experience.


  • The weight of the bike can be a challenge when lifting for storage or transport.
  • While the battery capacity is ample, it requires a full 6 hours for a complete charge.
  • The high performance means it could be a bit overwhelming for complete beginners to electric biking.

After spending a week with the EUY Folding Electric Bike, we became enamored with its powerful performance and versatility.

Its 750W motor made short work of steep inclines and off-road trails, providing us with a thrill that traditional bikes simply can’t match. The 7-speed gear shift was smooth and precise, allowing for a great range of control depending on the terrain.

We particularly enjoyed the 20″ fat tires, which gave us confidence and comfort even on uneven paths. Despite their ruggedness, they didn’t compromise on urban maneuverability and were just as adept on city streets as on rocky paths.

However, we were less enthusiastic about the weight, especially when folding and lifting the bike, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Additionally, while a 6-hour charge may be overnight work for some, it does require a bit of planning for day-long adventures.

Overall, the EUY Folding E-Bike fits the bill for those who need a reliable, high-performance electric bike with the added convenience of a removable battery.

It’s ready to tackle a diverse array of environments, making it an excellent choice for riders looking for an adaptable electric bike.

Stopsad E-Bike Adventure

Stopsad Foldable Electric Bike

We believe this robust foldable mountain bike strikes a fine balance between portability and rugged performance, suitable for avid riders and commuters alike.


  • Swift assembly for more time riding and less fiddling.
  • Foldability enhances portability for urban dwellers or weekend escapades.
  • Battery removal simplifies charging; no need to lug the entire bike.


  • A non-traditional design might not appeal to all.
  • Weighing at 50 pounds, portability can be challenging for some.
  • Some components might require a professional’s touch for optimal setup.

Gliding through city streets and tackling unpaved trails, we’ve found the Stopsad E-Bike an exhilarating partner. Its 500W motor delivers the extra oomph when confronting steep inclines or needing a burst of speed, making it a joy to ride.

With a 48V battery keeping us powered for up to 50 miles, range anxiety is a thing of the past.

The versatility of 21 gears at our fingertips and 5 power modes lets us tailor the ride to our preference, whether we crave a light workout or full-throttle assistance on our journey.

When it’s time to pack up, the bike’s foldable design is a game-changer, compacting down for easy storage in our apartment or car trunk.

However, our experience hasn’t been without hitches. Initially, setting up some technical components was less than intuitive, which could be a hurdle for the less mechanically savvy.

We’d suggest reaching out to a seasoned bike mechanic to ensure everything is dialed in perfectly. Despite its bulk, which is expected with electric bikes, carrying the bike can be demanding, especially after a long ride.

Overall, weighing the convenience against minor drawbacks, we’ve reveled in the flexibility and freedom the Stopsad E-Bike has injected into our travel routine. With this bike, every outing feels less like a routine commute and more like the start of a mini-adventure.

EBKAROCY Commuter Ebike

EBKAROCY Electric Bike

We’ve found the EBKAROCY Commuter Ebike to be a reliable option for urban travel, with its foldability and robust motor enhancing the day-to-day commute.


  • Easily tackles slopes with its efficient 400W motor
  • Comfort is king with multiple shock absorbers smoothing out city roads
  • A removable battery simplifies the charging process greatly


  • At 55 pounds, it’s on the heavier side for a foldable e-bike
  • The 14-inch tires may not suit all terrain types
  • Three-speed settings may limit customization for experienced riders

Recently, we had the chance to take the EBKAROCY Commuter Ebike around the city and the experience truly delivered.

With a sturdy 400W motor powering us, briskly climbing those daunting urban inclines became a breeze, and the 20MPH top speed kept pace with bustling city traffic nicely. Its impressive shock absorption system contributed to a ride so smooth, that bumpy cobblestones and uneven streets were hardly issues at all.

The bike’s design is clever in that it balances an undeniable robustness with ingenious portability. The quick folding mechanism transformed it into a compact and manageable size that could be stashed away discreetly at home or in the office.

Height adjustability of the seat and handlebar made it simple to alter the bike to suit our comfort preferences too.

We must mention, though, that the weight of this e-bike is something to keep in mind if you plan to carry it frequently—transit staircases can be a challenge.

And while its 14-inch wheels make it agile, they might not be the first choice for off-road or more adventurous terrain. Also, the three-speed setting was quite adequate for city riding, although some might crave more variety in gearing options.

In summary, the EBKAROCY Commuter Ebike fits our urban commuting needs like a glove, delivering a balanced blend of convenience and performance.

Its thoughtful design tweaks made a significant difference in our daily routes, proving that it’s not just another foldable e-bike. If you’re in search of a dependable and comfortable ride in the city, this e-bike has our recommendation.

NAKTO Electric Cruiser

NAKTO Electric Cruiser

We believe the NAKTO Electric Cruiser is a solid choice for anyone looking for an electric bike with a balance of power and convenience.


  • Strong motor assistance enables one to tackle hills effortlessly.
  • A removable battery means simple charging and extended range opportunities.
  • High-quality build and features like the LED headlight enhance durability and safety.


  • The weight may challenge some users during transportation or manual handling.
  • Longer charge time could require planning for those with frequent, long rides.
  • Advanced assembly might be tricky for individuals new to bike mechanics.

Navigating the urban jungle on the NAKTO Electric Cruiser, we appreciate the robust 350W motor that kicks in seamlessly.

This sturdy companion has proven to be an asset when confronting steep inclines or long commutes. Its sleek design carries an aura of reliability that’s confirmed once on the move.

The removable battery design of the Cruiser is one of its highlights. We can charge the battery indoors or swap it out for a spare, which makes preparing for the next adventure fuss-free. Battery performance thus far hasn’t dropped off, even after numerous charge cycles.

Quality and practicality merge gracefully with this NAKTO model. Outfitted with advanced features, like the dual front fork suspension and disc brakes, it provides a ride that’s stable and secure.

Night rides are no issue, thanks to the bright LED light that cuts through the darkness, ensuring safety at all times.

Embarking on your travels with this electric bicycle, you’ll realize its capabilities and limitations. While we enjoy the power it provides, the e-bike’s heft is noticeable when lifting it for storage or transport.

Moreover, when you are eagerly anticipating your next ride, the 6-8 hour charging time tests your patience. Lastly, assembling the bike is straightforward for us, but it could be a hurdle if you’re not accustomed to handling tools and bike parts.


HITWAY Electric Bike

We found the HITWAY Electric Bike to offer a delightful mix of portability and endurance, making it a solid choice for both commuting and leisure rides.


  • Quick folding capability for storage and transport
  • The battery is detachable, allowing for convenient charging
  • Multiple riding modes offering flexibility for different preferences


  • The range may vary depending on mode and terrain
  • Single-speed may not suit all riders’ needs
  • Some assembly is required, which might be a challenge for novices

Exploring the city on the HITWAY E-Bike, we immediately noticed the ease of handling. The bike’s foldable design is a standout feature, making it an excellent choice for those with limited storage space. Tucking the bike away in the trunk or under a desk is impressively simple.

Upon riding, the detachable battery certainly caught our attention. It’s incredibly convenient to take the battery out and charge it independently of the bike frame, whether at home or in the office.

When it comes to range, the manufacturer promises 20-45 miles on a full charge. Indeed, for short commutes or quick errands, there’s plenty of juice in this e-bike.

We tried out the three riding modes – electric, assist, and manual – during various scenarios. Heading into the pure electric mode provided a swift, effortless journey, while the pedal-assist mode added a nice touch to our workout without leaving us exhausted.

Cycling in manual mode, however, reminded us that despite its electric perks, this is still a fully functional bicycle when the juice runs out or when we simply crave traditional pedaling.

In conclusion, the HITWAY E-Bike is a well-rounded electric bicycle. Its robust motor and comfortable folding feature lend it an undeniable versatility for everyday use. Built with convenience in mind, it caters to both those looking for a sweat-free commute and those who enjoy a little pedaling now and then.

ANCHEER Commuter EBike

ANCHEER Electric Bike

We think the ANCHEER Commuter EBike suits anyone seeking a blend of performance and convenience for city commutes and leisurely rides.


  • Swift charging paired with an expansive range caters to long commutes and leisure rides alike.
  • The powerful motor and multiple assist levels make for an uphill breeze and customizable riding experience.
  • Built-in cruise control adds an element of relaxation to your travels on flat terrains.


  • Some users may find the assembly instructions not as clear or detailed as they would prefer.
  • The weight of the removable battery could be cumbersome for some when carrying it for off-bike charging.
  • Riders who prefer a stealthier approach may find this bike’s design a bit conspicuous.

Setting this bike in motion, the immediate thrust from its powerful motor propels you forward with a pleasant surge. You’ll notice the responsiveness of the gear system as you easily toggle through the assist levels, making short work of any inclines.

Its removable battery is a real gem— a quick charge while at work or home and you’re ready to cover impressive distances without a hitch. The convenience of not needing to lug the whole bike for charging simply adds to the day-to-day practicality.

But what impressively stands out is the sense of control and comfort while cruising on the ANCHEER Commuter EBike.

The front suspension is gentle on the joints on bumpier paths, and when you’re ready to unwind and enjoy the scenery, the cruise control feature is a delightful addition.

Taking safety into account as the sun dips, the integrated rear light has you covered, ensuring you’re visible to fellow road users. Stopping power from the dual disc brakes is reliable and immediate, even on wetter days.

Overall, our rides on this ebike have been a smooth affair, whether darting through traffic on busy weekdays or unwinding on peaceful bike paths. This balance between functionality and enjoyment is what makes the ANCHEER Commuter EBike a noteworthy choice for those looking to invest in a reliable electric bicycle.

Jasion EB5 E-Bike

Jasion EB5 Electric Bike

We found out that the Jasion EB5 is an excellent choice for those seeking a blend of convenience and efficiency in urban commuting.


  • The battery’s removability adds charging convenience away from the bike
  • Varied riding modes suit different levels of assistance and riding preferences
  • Lightweight design combined with a strong frame enhances maneuverability and stability


  • Limited range on full electric mode may require mid-day charging for extensive use
  • Those unfamiliar with e-bikes might find the advanced settings a tad complex initially
  • Stiff suspension can make for bumpy rides on uneven terrains

Our first ride on the Jasion EB5 instantly displayed its commanding presence with the 350W motor delivering smooth acceleration up to its top speed.

Riding through the city, we appreciated the puncture-resistant tires that instilled confidence irrespective of road conditions. The removable battery is a game-changer; we effortlessly brought it inside for a charge while the bike stayed parked outside.

We tested all four modes extensively. The pedal-assist mode offered a balanced synergy between our effort and the motor’s input, making uphill climbs feel less intimidating.

On the flip side, in pure electric mode, we zoomed through our errands without breaking a sweat. Booster Mode was particularly helpful in crowded areas where we needed to walk the bike but didn’t want to exert much force.

We noticed how the LCD presented a wealth of information, making our trips calculable and allowing us to adjust the backlight for evening rides—no more squinting to read our stats. However, it did take us a few rides to get accustomed to all the data and features at our fingertips.

The disc brakes stopped us smoothly, but we hope for future models to have a more forgiving suspension, as bumpy roads were felt a bit too keenly.

In conclusion, our experience with the Jasion EB5 was enlightening. We were introduced to a commute that was both liberating and eco-friendly, without sacrificing the pleasure of riding.

The cons we’ve faced do not eclipse the overall satisfying functionality of this e-bike. For those looking to dip their toes into the electric bike pool, this model comes across as a competent and reliable steed.

Populo Curve E-Bike

Populo Curve E-Bike

If you’re on the lookout for a foldable, versatile e-bike for city commuting, the Populo Curve E-Bike checks a lot of boxes.


  • Hassle-free storage and transport due to its foldable design
  • Enhanced night riding safety with front and rear lights
  • Comfort is at the forefront with a suspension fork and wide seat


  • Limited support if mechanical issues arise since the manufacturer is no longer in business
  • Less suitable for people over 6’1″ due to design constraints
  • A moderately powered motor may not satisfy those looking for a high-speed thrill

The exhilaration of zipping through the city on the Populo Curve has been quite the experience. Its folding mechanism is a game-changer for urban dwellers with limited space.

The battery slides out without a fuss, making charging a breeze whether you’re at the office or home.

Connections to the city’s canvas become more intimate on an e-bike like the Populo Curve. The suspension handles city bumps admirably, and the inclusion of lights boosts confidence when the sun dips below the horizon.

As someone who enjoys convenience, the LCD display with a USB charging port is a thoughtful touch.

There’s a noticeable ease when loading the Curve onto bus racks or tucking it away in a car trunk. Its nimble nature is a perfect match for mixed-mode commuting.

This flexibility is a stand-out feature, especially considering the e-bike’s competitive price point. The moderate power of the electric assist hits a sweet spot for navigating city blocks and getting a bit of exercise in the process.

Populo Curve E-Bike

Populo Curve E-Bike

We think you’ll appreciate the Populo Curve E-Bike for its convenience and efficient design, especially if you’re seeking an e-bike with a removable battery for easy charging.


  • Remarkably foldable for easy storage and transport
  • Comfortable riding with a suspension fork and wide tires
  • Includes useful features like lights and a USB charging port


  • The braking system may require adjustment for optimal performance
  • Limited to 25 miles per charge, which might be restrictive for longer commutes
  • 250W motor power might be underwhelming for those seeking high-speed thrills

The moment you hop onto the Populo Curve, the ease of maneuverability stands out. Its compact form tackles urban environments with agility, and when it’s time to pack up, the quick three-step fold is a game-changer. Days of struggling with bulky, rigid bikes are history.

Cruising around town, the plush seats and smooth suspension transform rough city roads into comfortable rides. The thoughtful design aims to prioritize your comfort, from the wide seat to the 2.2” tires that absorb the pavement’s imperfections.

At the end of the day, the removable battery underscores the practicality of this e-bike. Whether you’re at home or in the office, charging is a snatch without having to lug the entire bike around. It’s these small conveniences that enhance the daily commuting experience.

Vivi Electric Cruiser

Vivi Electric Bike

We’ve found the Vivi Electric Cruiser to be a versatile option for our urban commutes and occasional off-road adventures.


  • Flexible charging with a removable battery
  • Multiple riding modes fit various situations
  • Cruise control provides a comfortable ride during longer journeys


  • Assembly instructions can be unclear
  • Bike weight may challenge some for transport and storage
  • The quality of components could be improved

After unboxing the Vivi Electric Cruiser, we noted the sleek silver finish which certainly stands out. Its 500W motor was more than capable of handling daily commutes, delivering consistent power which we felt when maneuvering up slopes. The thrill of riding at 20MPH without breaking a sweat was as good as it gets for a daily rider like us.

Riding through the city, the convenience of having a removable battery was immediately apparent. We appreciated the flexibility of charging it indoors, without needing to bring the entire bike to our apartment. Plus, with a range of 22 to 50 miles, our daily travels were well within its capability without needing a recharge.

We were fond of the cruise control feature, especially on longer rides; it allowed us to simply enjoy the scenery without constantly managing the throttle.

Adjusting between the four working modes, we could easily switch to pedal-assist or full electric mode depending on our energy levels or the terrain ahead.

However, putting together the bike did take some time, and the assembly instructions were not as helpful as they could have been.

We advise watching an assembly video to circumvent any frustration. Also worth noting, at 61.7 pounds, the bike’s weight was on the heavier side, making it cumbersome to carry upstairs or onto public transport.

Furthermore, while the mechanical aspects such as the 7-speed gear system and the dual disc brakes functioned sufficiently, we did notice that some components felt a bit on the cheaper side, particularly the plastic fenders. It’s something to keep in mind if durability is a priority for you.

In conclusion, the Vivi Electric Cruiser with its efficient electric assist and removable battery fits right into our lifestyle. The bike’s versatility and power made up for the minor downsides related to assembly and component quality.

For those who prioritize convenience and are looking for a boost on their regular rides, this electric bike could be a valuable asset.

Buying Guide

When selecting an electric bike with a removable battery, we need to consider several important features to ensure we make a well-informed decision. Here’s what we should look out for:

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery, measured in Watt-hours (Wh), dictates how far we can ride on a single charge. We look for a balance between travel distance and weight, which affects portability.

Motor Power

The motor’s power, indicated in Watts (W), relates to the bike’s ability to climb hills and accelerate. We prefer a motor that matches our typical riding terrain and power needs.

Weight and Portability

Lighter bikes are easier to carry, especially when we need to remove the battery for charging. We check the total weight, including the battery, for convenient transportability.

Charging Time

We consider the time it takes to charge the battery fully. Faster charging times mean less downtime and quicker readiness for our next ride.

Life Cycle

We look into how many charge cycles the battery can undergo before its capacity significantly degrades. A higher number indicates a longer lifespan.

After-sales Service

It’s important to us that we have access to customer service and warranty. Reliable support can be crucial for maintenance and technical issues.

Battery CapacityModerate to highEnsures a satisfactory range without excessive weight
Motor PowerMatches terrain and use-caseProvides a balance between energy use and performance needs
WeightLightweight as possibleEnhances portability and ease of use
Charging TimeFaster, within reasonMinimizes waiting for battery recharge
Life CycleLonger, more cyclesTranslates to better long-term usability
After-sales ServiceComprehensiveGives peace of mind with potential future issues

By keeping these features in mind, we are more likely to choose an electric bike with a removable battery that meets our needs and expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries regarding electric bikes with removable batteries to ensure you are informed about your options and how to care for them.

What are the best electric bikes with removable batteries currently on the market?

We find that some of the top-performing electric bikes with removable batteries include models like the Specialized Turbo Vado SL, the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus, and the Giant Quick E+. These bikes are well-regarded for their balance of performance, battery life, and ease of handling.

How do you safely remove and replace a battery on an electric bike?

To remove a battery safely, ensure your electric bike is turned off. We then use the key to unlock the battery, gently slide it out of the frame or its compartment, and lift it clear of the bike. To replace it, we align the battery with the guides or rails on the frame and slide it in until it clicks into place, securing it with the lock.

Is it possible to operate an electric bike when the battery is removed?

Operating an electric bike without a battery is possible; the bike will function like a traditional bicycle. However, we remind you that there will be no electric assistance from the motor, and the bike may be heavier to pedal due to the motor’s additional weight.

What recommendations are there for maintaining a removable battery for an electric bike?

For maintaining a removable battery, we advise charging it regularly, even when not in use, and storing it in a cool, dry place to prevent capacity loss. We also suggest avoiding complete discharge and instead keeping the charge level between 20% and 80% to prolong battery life.

Where can you purchase electric bikes that come with a removable battery?

Electric bikes with removable batteries can be bought from specialized bicycle shops, large sports retailers, or directly from the manufacturers’ websites. We emphasize the importance of purchasing from reputable sources to ensure quality and warranty coverage.

What advantages do folding electric bikes with removable batteries offer compared to non-folding models?

Folding electric bikes with removable batteries provide the convenience of easy transportation and storage, making them ideal for commuters who may need to carry their bike on public transit or store it in limited spaces. We recognize their lightweight and compact design for enhancing portability.

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