JOYSTAR 20″ Electric Bike Review: A True Powerhouse?

We recently took the JOYSTAR 20″ Electric Bike for a spin and it’s an experience we think you should hear about.

Designed to turn heads with its chopper-style silhouette and 20-inch black fat tires, this electric bike merges comfort with a bit of edge.

Its wide swept-back handlebar and step-through geometry frame elevate the look while ensuring a relaxed ride.

On our journey through the city, the 250W brushless motor was a trusty ally, pushing us to a breezy 17 mph.

The 36V 7Ah battery is removable, making for easy charging, and we covered impressive distances, close to 22 miles on pedal assist before needing a recharge.

The bike’s rigid suspension is less about off-road adventure and more about stable urban cruising, which it delivers consistently.

The 3-inch fat tires provide a smooth experience, absorbing most of the shocks from uneven terrain and lending a firm grip that adds to the bike’s overall secure feel.

The bike’s versatility, allowing us to switch between electric, pedal-assisted, and normal bicycle modes, caters to different riding preferences and needs.

And if you decide to get one for yourself, the majority of the assembly is already done for you, so you’ll be hitting the streets in no time.

Bottom Line

The JOYSTAR 20″ makes cruising a sheer joy, perfect for daily commutes or leisurely rides. With its reliable motor, ease of use, and stress-free assembly, it’s a solid pick for anyone looking to join the electric bike movement.

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Overview of the JOYSTAR 20″ Electric Bike

When we got our hands on JOYSTAR’s 20″ electric bike, the first thing we noticed was the chopper style that sets it apart from the typical e-bike design.

The step-through frame and wide, swept-back handlebars immediately promised a comfortable ride.

Riding through various terrains, the bike’s 20″x3.0″ fat tires, with their puncture-resistant design, handled the challenges well, offering great grip and helping to absorb the shocks, making our ride smoother than expected.

Powered by a 250W brushless motor and a 36V, 7Ah battery, our jaunts around town were effortless, with a decent range of up to 22 miles on a single charge.

There’s a nice flexibility in how you can use the bike: as a regular pedal bike, with pedal assist or purely electric, using the thumb throttle.

For those of us who look into convenience, the fact that it arrives 85% assembled is a relief, meaning you won’t spend hours figuring out how to put it together.

Performance-wise, the bike’s rigid suspension and carbon steel frame give it a solid and reliable feel on the road.

The disc brakes provided good stopping power, which is an essential safety feature.

While we didn’t find any advanced features such as regenerative braking or quick-release wheels, what JOYSTAR offers is a dependable, straightforward e-bike—ideal for daily commutes and strolls through the city.

However, the e-bike would benefit from a few additions like built-in lights for night riding, and the single-speed drive may limit its appeal to those seeking a more versatile gear system. But overall, the ease of use and comfort made our experience with the JOYSTAR a positive one.

Powerful Electric System

When we took the JOYSTAR electric bike for a spin, the performance of its 250W brushless motor was immediately noticeable.

This motor, while compact, delivers a smooth acceleration that is perfectly suited for cruising through city streets or enjoying a leisurely ride along park paths.

The electric assist feature comes into play pleasantly, making pedaling almost effortless and significantly enhancing the riding experience, especially when tackling slight inclines or longer distances.

However, without a walk assist function, if you find yourself needing to push the bike manually, it will require a bit more exertion, especially given the bike’s weight of 24.5 kilograms.

Additionally, while the bike handles well on most terrain, the lack of all-weather tires means extra caution is needed when riding in wet conditions.

The rigid suspension system is another aspect to consider. It’s great for smooth surfaces, but on uneven terrain, you might feel more bumps than with a bike that includes some form of additional shock absorption.

Disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, which contributes to a feeling of safety and control when you need to come to a halt.

Overall, the electric system in this JOYSTAR e-bike is solid for its intended use as a cruiser, offering a zippy yet stable ride that’s sure to please most leisure riders.

Creative Design

When examining its design, we find this JOYSTAR e-bike to be a standout. It departs from the conventional with its chopper-style frame, merging casual flair with modern tech.

The step-through geometry is a notable highlight, easing the way for getting on and off the bike, making it more accessible for a wider range of riders.

We’re greeted with a handlebar setup that’s thoughtfully swept back, which encourages a relaxed riding posture. This detail enhances comfort significantly during longer rides and contributes to the bike’s overall cruiser feel.

Plus, the use of improved materials in the frame construction signals attention to durability and rider satisfaction.

On aesthetic grounds alone, this e-bike captures attention. It boasts a bold, yet functional design that doesn’t just look good but serves a purpose.

While many electric bikes prioritize function over form, this model manages to find an equilibrium that’s pleasing to the eye without skimping on practicality.

Through our experience, this JOYSTAR model asserts that comfort and creativity can indeed coexist seamlessly.

Comfortable Cycling Experience

We’ve taken the JOYSTAR e-bike for a spin, and it’s clear this machine is built for comfort.

Cruising on various terrains, from smooth bike trails to rugged park pathways, was a pleasurable experience.

The 3-inch wide fat tires come into their own here—they’re puncture-resistant and provide a solid grip, making for a confident ride across different surfaces.

We noticed how the front suspension and sturdy frame absorbed the shocks, softening the bumps along the way.

It’s these thoughtful touches that helped us feel less fatigued even after extended sessions.

The wide swept-back handlebar compliments the comfort by offering a natural and relaxed riding position, which translates into an enjoyable, smoother ride.

Though the ebike shines in terms of ride quality, it’s worth mentioning some of us found the size a bit small as knees can come close to the handlebars, particularly for taller riders around 5’9″.

Keeping this in mind, it’s evident the JOYSTAR e-bike is eager to provide a cozy commuting option, catering more comfortably to those of a smaller to average height.

It’s easy to see why this ebike is described as a comfort cruiser.

Multiple Working Modes

We’ve been testing out the various riding options of the e-bike and found the flexibility of its working modes to be quite impressive.

You can cycle in three different ways: fully electric, assisted, or as a normal bike.

The fully electric mode gives you the leisure to enjoy your ride with minimal effort, especially when you’re not in the mood to pedal.

The assisted mode is a blend of pedaling and power support, striking a nice balance for a bit of exercise without wearing yourself out.

Then there’s the regular bike mode, which does not use any battery power, good for those times when you want to enjoy a traditional bike ride.

The change between modes is seamless, making it adaptable for various commuting demands or when you’re out just for fun.

However, we noticed that in electric mode, while the bike effortlessly takes off with a flick of the thumb throttle, the limited top speed of 17mph means you won’t be winning any races.

This isn’t a drawback for casual rides though, as the speed is more than adequate for a relaxed cruise or a swift escort through city streets.

This e-bike covers most bases with its different modes, but remember, if you’re in electric or assist mode, keep an eye on the battery to ensure you have enough juice for your travels.

Pros and Cons

After spending time with the JOYSTAR 20″ Electric Bike, we’ve gathered our thoughts on what stands out, both positively and negatively.


  • Impressive Power: The 250W rear hub motor and 36V, 7Ah removable battery deliver a solid performance. We were able to reach a top speed of 17 mph, and the range of up to 22 miles on a single charge with pedal assist is quite satisfying for daily commutes or leisurely park rides.
  • Standout Design: This bike’s chopper style sets it apart from traditional e-bikes. The Step-Through geometry frame and wide swept-back handlebar are not only visually appealing but also contribute to a more relaxed ride.
  • Ride Comfort: Handling various terrains is a breeze with the 3-inch wide puncture-resistant fat tires and sturdy frame. The front suspension is a game-changer, absorbing shocks effectively and reducing rider fatigue.
  • Versatile Riding Modes: Having the option to switch between electric, assisted, and normal bicycle modes offers flexibility depending on our energy levels and the distance we plan to cover.
  • Supportive Customer Service: JOYSTAR offers a 1-year warranty and their support team responds promptly, ensuring any concerns are addressed quickly, which is always a plus for peace of mind.


  • Initial Assembly Required: Although it arrives 85% assembled, some might find the remaining assembly process a little challenging. However, it’s manageable and doesn’t take away from the overall experience once completed.
  • Limited for Taller Riders: Some of us over 5’9″ felt a bit cramped even with the handlebars adjusted to their limits. It could be uncomfortable for those taller riders who may find the ergonomics less accommodating.
  • Inconsistencies in Performance: A few of us experienced issues with charge retention and throttle response within the first few weeks. While these were isolated incidents and customer service was helpful, it’s something to consider.
  • Weight and Portability: We found the bike to have a substantial weight due to its sturdy build, which could be a drawback for those who need to transport it frequently without the aid of a vehicle.

Customer Reviews

Having spent time zipping around on the JOYSTAR 20″ Electric Bike, we’ve gathered a clear picture of its strengths and weaknesses from fellow users.

With an average rating of 4 stars from 82 ratings, most owners seem quite satisfied with their purchase.

Riders are captivated by its unique chopper style, which stands out in a crowd. The compact 20″ wheels make it a solid choice for those of us under the towering heights, allowing for more control and comfort.

Its sturdy build quality also gets a thumbs-up, showing that this e-bike can handle the regular enthusiasm of adult riders.

However, it’s not without its flaws.

A few people have encountered challenges with the battery not holding a charge for long distances, and some taller individuals find the bike a little cramped for their liking.

Additionally, there have been reports of the throttle having inconsistent responses.

We should note it seems to have a strong appeal to those looking for their first foray into electric-powered transportation, providing an enjoyable alternative to traditional travel methods.

Overall, the consensus is that the JOYSTAR 20″ Electric Bike is a fun and comfortable ride— provided you fall within the right height range and don’t encounter the few technical hiccups mentioned.

Service Guarantee and Assembly

Our experience assembling and relying on the service guarantee of the JOYSTAR e-bike has been fairly straightforward. With the bike arriving 85% pre-assembled, we were up and running in no time.

The remaining steps were simple, thanks to the clear instructions provided. Anyone with a basic familiarity with bike parts should find it manageable.

On the rare occasion that something goes wrong, the JOYSTAR comes with a 1-year warranty covering the battery, charger, motor, and controller. We were reassured that the support team’s response is prompt.

They offer solutions within 24 hours, which is a plus when it comes to customer service. It’s comforting to know that if any issues arise, they won’t leave you hanging.

When it comes to the service guarantee, the company shows genuine commitment to their product and customer satisfaction, which made us feel more confident in choosing this bike for our city rides and occasional adventures.


In our experience with the JOYSTAR 20″ E-Bike, the ride’s comfort and unique chopper design stand out. As a compact model, it appeals to those of us of shorter stature who may struggle with larger bikes.

We appreciate how it caters to an adult audience, offering a comfortable seat that makes it enjoyable for leisure rides. The bike’s power and battery performance are generally reliable; however, we did encounter the occasional hiccup with the throttle and charge retention, which could be a concern for long-distance commuters.

Its sturdy build and eye-catching style are definite pluses—expect to turn heads while cruising around town. Overall, this bike finds its niche with those looking for a mix of practical commuting and stylistic flair in a compact electric ride.

While it may not be a perfect fit for taller individuals, for those well-suited to its size, it offers a fun and comfortable experience. If problems arise, be prepared to tackle some troubleshooting, but know that help is available if the manual’s amusing typos give you a hard time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the performance characteristics of the JOYSTAR 20 Electric Bike?

Having taken a few rides on this e-bike, we’ve found that it performs reliably for casual rides. The 36V, 7Ah battery facilitates trips of up to 22 miles on a single charge if you’re using pedal assist, which is pretty handy for day-long outings or short commutes.

The 250w rear-hub motor isn’t the most powerful on the market, but it’s certainly adequate for the kind of leisurely cruising this bike is designed for, offering a smooth ride without noise or fuss.

How does the JOYSTAR 20 Electric Bike handle for adult riders?

We’ve observed that adult riders find the JOYSTAR 20 quite comfortable. Its step-through frame is a convenient feature for both mounting and dismounting, and the wide swept-back handlebar contributes to a relaxed posture.

The bike accommodates a variety of adult heights comfortably, thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars. Its fat tires and sturdy frame combine to absorb shocks effectively, making for a pleasant ride even on less-than-perfect surfaces.

What is the top speed of the JOYSTAR 20 Electric Bike and is it sufficient for commuting?

This chopper-style bike clocks a top speed of around 17mph when the motor is engaged, which we’ve noted is sufficient for getting around town and serving most commuting needs.

It’s not as fast as some other commuter-specific models, but for those looking to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination, it holds up quite well.

Does a 250-watt motor offer adequate power for the JOYSTAR 20 Electric Bike?

Certainly, the 250-watt motor on this bike is enough for the design intent of the JOYSTAR 20. It’s capable of supporting daily commutes and recreational rides with ease.

While it might not suit someone looking for high-speed thrills or severe hill climbing, for casual riders, the power provided allows for a relaxing and enjoyable experience without overwhelming the cyclist.

What are the advantages of owning an electric bike like the JOYSTAR 20?

Owning an e-bike such as the JOYSTAR 20 offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows for a more accessible cycling experience, especially for those who may find traditional biking strenuous.

The combination of pedal-assist and full electric modes means you can adapt your effort to how you’re feeling on any given day. Furthermore, the style of this bike is eye-catching, and the construction seems to hold up well over time, making it a fun and durable option for those seeking a unique and comfortable mode of transportation.

Who is the manufacturing company behind the JOYSTAR 20 Electric Bike, and where is it based?

The JOYSTAR 20 is produced by Sugoo Cycles Ltd., a manufacturer known for crafting a range of bicycles, including electric variants.

Their products reflect a commitment to creative design and user experience, evidenced by the thoughtful geometry and features of their e-bikes.

While the specifics of the company’s location aren’t detailed in the product information, the brand has a reputation for quick and helpful customer service.

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