TotGuard Electric Bike 27.5″ 500W Ebike 21.6MPH Review – Worth the Ride?

Exploring the world of electric bikes, we came across the TotGuard Electric Bike and took it for a spin. The boost from the 500W motor is quite noticeable, propelling the bike to speeds over 20 mph, which is ideal for quick commutes or leisurely rides.

The ability to remove the battery for charging is convenient as well, ensuring we weren’t tethered to a specific charging location.

On rough terrains, the suspension fork did a remarkable job of keeping the ride smooth. Navigating at night is safer thanks to the LED headlights, and the Shimano 21-speed gears give enough range to tackle various inclines and conditions.

We particularly appreciated the detailed LCD display that kept us informed about our performance stats throughout our journey.

Bottom Line

The TotGuard bike stands out with its strong power and thoughtful features for both safety and performance. Plus, the versatility of having multiple riding modes caters to anyone’s needs, whether you are a seasoned cyclist or just starting.

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Overview of the TotGuard Electric Bike

In our experience with the TotGuard e-bike, we found it strikes a good balance between power and design. Equipped with a 500W motor, the bike’s performance on the trail and road is commendable, offering us a top speed that kept pace with urban traffic.

Its removable battery system is particularly convenient, allowing for easy charging without needing to transport the entire bike to an outlet.

The ride quality is a notch above the rest, thanks to the larger 27.5-inch wheels; they make pedaling almost effortless and help smoothly navigate rough terrains.

The suspension fork does a fair job absorbing the bumps, although on more rugged trails, we found ourselves wishing for a bit more cushioning.

What stood out to us was the inclusion of Shimano 21-speed gears. This versatility let us tackle hills with ease and gave us the range necessary to adapt our riding to various environments.

However, while shifting is generally smooth, rookies to gear systems may require some time to get accustomed to the options.

As night riders, we appreciated the built-in LED headlights and safety reflectors, which are essential for visibility. The LCD display keeps essentials like battery level and speed at a glance.

Assembly isn’t a Herculean task, and the video guide is straightforward—although you might want to set aside an afternoon to be thorough.

It’s worth noting that while this e-bike feels solid and the aluminum frame gives us confidence in its durability, it isn’t the lightest out there – something to consider if you’ll need to carry it frequently.

Key Features

Powerful Performance

In our experience, the TotGuard Electric Bike’s 500W motor is a true workhorse, providing ample power for the most demanding rides.

The removable 48V 499Wh lithium-ion battery charges in about 5 hours and is conveniently waterproof with an IP54 rating.

With the ability to reach a top speed of 21.6mph, this electric bike is both robust and reliable, ensuring a consistent performance on a variety of terrains.

Advanced Design Elements

The bike boasts a sports style with a sleek, streamlined matte finish and simple decals, creating an aesthetically pleasing design that’s sure to turn heads.

Riding comfort is significantly enhanced by the lockable aluminum suspension fork, which effectively smoothens out bumps along the way.

Safety isn’t overlooked either, with the inclusion of front and rear reflectors, LED headlights, and dual disc brakes—all contributing to a secure riding experience.

The use of aluminum alloy material offers improved durability without compromising on style.

Versatile Speed Options

TotGuard’s incorporation of Shimano 21-speed gears gives riders the flexibility to handle diverse environments, from city streets to off-road trails.

The combination of a Front Derailleur Shimano Tourney 3-Speed with a Rear Derailleur Shimano Tourney 7-Speed allows for quick and efficient gear changes.

We found that this range of gears comes in handy when tackling hills or accelerating on flat surfaces, providing a smooth and adaptable riding experience.

Intuitive Display

The LCD display on the TotGuard Electric Bike is remarkably clear, presenting all the essential information at a glance. This includes the battery level, assist levels, mileage, voltage, speed, and usage time.

We appreciated the straightforward interface, which made it simple to monitor our ride statistics and battery life, keeping us well-informed throughout our journeys.

Riding Experience

When we took the TotGuard Electric Bike for a spin, the ride quality immediately stood out.

With its 500W motor, this e-bike offers smooth acceleration, reaching speeds that make cruising through city streets and tackling gentle hills a breeze. The 21.6MPH top speed feels zippy, yet controlled.

The bike’s 48V battery is a solid performer, delivering enough juice to last through our daily commutes and a jaunt around town with a range to spare.

Its removable design also means we can easily charge it on or off the bike, adding to the convenience.

With 21-speed gears, we found the bike adaptable to various terrains, and the lockable suspension fork provided the necessary support for rougher patches, bringing comfort to longer rides.

While the e-bike offers a reliable ride, it’s also visually appealing, getting nods of approval from onlookers.

The TotGuard isn’t without its flaws, though. Its sturdy build adds extra weight which could be challenging for some to maneuver, especially when the motor is off.

Nonetheless, what stands out is its durability and overall performance, making it a competent choice for both new and experienced e-bike enthusiasts.



After putting the TotGuard Electric Bike through its paces, we’ve found several benefits that make it stand out. The 500W motor provides ample power, effortlessly propelling us to speeds of 21.6 mph, and the 48V 499Wh battery reliably gets us where we need to go with a quick recharge time of about 5 hours.

On rough trails, the lockable suspension fork is a game-changer, absorbing shocks and contributing to a much smoother ride.

Navigating the terrain becomes quite intuitive with the Shimano 21-speed gears, which give us the flexibility to adjust to different conditions seamlessly.

The comfort of the riding experience is further enhanced by the larger 27.5″ tires, which require less effort and make for a more pleasant journey.

Additionally, safety isn’t overlooked—features such as the front and rear reflectors, LED headlights, and dual disc brakes all work together to ensure a secure ride, day or night.

Lastly, the LCD display earns its praise by clearly presenting all the essential stats—battery level, assist level, mileage, and more—making it easy for us to keep track of our ride details.

This e-bike isn’t just about performance; it also sports a stylish design with a sleek matte finish that catches the eyes on the go.

With the added peace of mind provided by a 12-month warranty and available lifetime technical support, we feel confident recommending this bike to fellow riders.

If you’re seeking an electric bike that combines style, efficiency, and comfort, the TotGuard Electric Bike checks a lot of boxes.

Whether it’s for the daily commute, a leisurely ride, or a bit of adventure off the beaten path, this e-bike has proven itself as a reliable companion.



While we admire the sporty appeal of the TotGuard Electric Bike, our real-world use has highlighted a few drawbacks worth mentioning.

  • Speed Variance: Some users may find the top speed of 21.6MPH slightly limiting, especially when compared to other e-bikes in a similar category that can offer higher speeds.
  • Weight Consideration: With its sturdy build, the bike can be quite heavy. This might pose a challenge for users who need to transport it without the aid of a car rack.
  • Battery Management: Although the 48V 499WH battery provides a decent range, meticulous energy management is critical during longer rides to prevent being stranded without power.
  • Suspension Fork: The lockable suspension fork, while useful, may not offer the same level of shock absorption as more advanced systems, which could affect comfort during off-road adventures.
  • Gear System: The 21-speed gear system requires some finesse. Newer riders might take time to get used to the shifting for optimal performance.
  • Aesthetic Longevity: The flashy blue color is great initially, but it may be prone to fading or showing dirt over time, which could impact the bike’s appearance in the long run.

Customer Reviews

After having tried out the TotGuard Electric Bike ourselves, we’ve taken a keen interest in seeing what other customers have to say.

With an average rating of 4.2 stars from 587 ratings, it’s clear that this e-bike has made a positive impression.

Customers appreciate its aesthetic appeal and performance, noting it can reach up to 19 mph and travel around 29 miles on a single charge.

Its arrival in good condition and on time was also highlighted, reflecting well on the delivery process.

When comparing it to previous models, like a 350w mountain e-bike, the enthusiasm shines through.

Users who rode their previous bikes frequently for leisure found the TotGuard to be a refreshing step up, indicating its potential for holding excitement even for seasoned e-bike riders.

Repeated purchases by some customers attest to the bike’s durability and quality. It’s mentioned that buying the same model again years later speaks volumes about the product’s reliability.

However, as this is a real-world experience, it’s important to acknowledge that no product is perfect, and individual preferences may vary.

Safety and Durability

When we consider an electric bike like the TotGuard Electric Bike, safety features are as crucial as its performance capabilities.

Our experience showed that the bike’s design doesn’t skimp on safety.

The lockable aluminum suspension fork reduces bumps on uneven terrain, which is a thoughtful touch for riders navigating off-road trails or rocky paths.

Moreover, the presence of front and rear reflectors along with an LED headlight adds visibility in low-light conditions—an essential aspect for evening riders.

Durability is another cornerstone of this e-bike.

Crafted with an aluminum frame, the TotGuard is sturdy without being overly heavy, striking a balance that many seek in an electric bike.

Both the frame material and the larger 27.5″ wheels contribute to a ride that can take on various terrains without wearing down easily.

The IP54 waterproof rating of the battery also speaks to the bike’s resilience, protecting the power source from dust and splashes of water, which we find reassuring for daily commuting or recreational rides.

Disc brakes on both ends provide reliable stopping power, crucial for maintaining control and safety, especially when riding at the top speed of 21.6 mph.

It’s clear from both the assembly and use that the manufacturers have placed high importance on making a bike that lasts, yet one that doesn’t overlook the rider’s well-being.


After extensive use, we’ve found that the TotGuard Electric Bike offers a blend of functionality and enjoyment.

Its performance, with a solid 500W motor, provides a smooth ride, reaching up to 21.6MPH, making it a reliable companion for our various outdoor adventures.

We admire the aesthetic, and its lockable suspension fork adds to the comfortable riding experience, handling diverse terrains with ease.

On the other hand, while this e-bike stands out for its power and design, we did notice that compared to other models, it might feel a bit too familiar after extended use.

We also appreciate the attention to detail with its packaging and timely delivery. The bike boasts a substantial range on a single charge, which didn’t disappoint during our long rides to the beach.

Overall, despite the few downsides, such as a desire for more innovation after having prior models, this e-bike from TotGuard has proven its worth. It’s a robust choice for anyone looking to invest in an electric bike that balances speed, aesthetics, and range effectively.

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